Red Adair talking about expense of amateursTraditionally, copywriters worked in advertising and created the snappy marketing slogans that stick in our brains so effectively.

The role has broadened, and I specialise as a web copywriter (or content creator). As well as being excellent writers, with a mastery of spelling, grammar, and communication, we also understand how to maximise your website’s effectiveness.

Do you think you don’t need a professional copywriter?

Surely anyone can sit at a keyboard and bash out words? Of course they can! And I’ve got a camera on my phone, but that doesn’t make me Annie Leibovitz. Look at this from the BBC in 2011.  A single spelling mistake on a website can slash online sales by 50%.  Your web designer is an expert in web design, don’t presume they are also a great writer.

Why you need a copywriter and a web designer

The most effective websites use a web designer and an experienced SEO copywriter together to get them towards the top of the search results.  However, we have to know what we are doing. It was not that long ago that BMW had their website removed from Google’s search results for a clumsy attempt to deceive the search engine.

A skilled copywriter who understands SEO will be able to write fluent and attractive copy that provides your readers with the information they want while at the same time ticking all the right boxes for the search engines.

Nearly half of employers are not impressed with school and college leavers’ spelling and grammar.  Poor spelling, incorrect punctuation and bad grammar undermine your credibility and eventually turn people off completely. Remember George W. Bush and his claim to have been “misunderestimated”?

Finally, how do you fancy paying $10,000,000 for missing out a comma?

Don’t take the risk! 

“Joanna is great and I can’t recommend her and her work highly enough.”