It’s not enough to have a website and put some information on it.  Sites that work well focus on User Experience, part of which is great, authoritative, and well written content.  It’s true, in this video, Matt Cutts (from Google) says so.

Your business needs a professional copywriter!

Luckily, you’ve found one.  I’m Joanna and I’m the owner of Word Hen Ltd., a business copywriting company that specialises in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and business communication. That means webpages, social media, blogging, LinkedIn profiles, emails, and so forth.

What is an SEO copywriter?

We know how to write your online content so that internet search engines understand what it’s about and can rank it, whilst never forgetting that people – not computers – need to read it.  A website content writer needs specialist skills.  A good one has a thorough understanding of:

  • how search engines work,
  • the way people interact with the internet, and
  • how this is different to the way they use printed media.

On top of these, we are excellent writers!

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“We are so glad we found someone who understands our business and can help us take it further.”