You’re a busy business owner.  You’re pressed for time, and your skills aren’t the literary kind. Does it matter how you write?

Is good business writing a luxury?

If you think it is, you are losing out on time, money, and influence.  Everyone else is pressed for time too, and if your communications aren’t grabbing attention and persuading your readers, then you might as well not bother.  Good writing cements your credibility, and (as I have said before) being an expert in your area of work is what you should be aiming for.

But – my business isn’t about words!  I don’t write much.

I hear you. You are an accountant, a consultant, or a lawyer. You sell tea or executive coaching.  You’re not in the business of words.  Bah!  I bet you use writing more than you realise:

UK government misspelling

Department for Education spelling like muppets. (But, it’s the numeracy strategy, so that makes it OK?)

  • Emails
  • Website
  • Blogs (you do have a business blog, of course)
  • Social Media
  • LinkedIn
  • Presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Promotions

All words, words, words.

If the words coming from you are misspelled, incoherent, or in any other way hard to understand, then your credibility and professional image is going to plummet.

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Joanna is a business copywriter who helps firms communicate better – through their websites, emails, social media and so on.  She wrote this post on a rainy Monday afternoon, whilst drinking Oolong tea and eating pistachio chocolate. Just so you know.