I may have kicked and screamed and sworn you’d see me dead first, but here I am. A blogger. I don’t like Blogs, ninety-nine percent of them are:

  • narcissistic – no, your children are not the most amazing creatures to have drawn breath (mine are);
  • depressing – no, I do not want to read 500 badly spelled words about your misery;
  • boring – no, I don’t care about your trombone lessons; or
  • cheeky – no, I won’t click on your widget cleaning company link.

The remaining one percent can be amusing or informative (sometimes both), but there’s an awful lot of swine for a handful of pearls.

I am an incredibly picky and critical reader. If my Blog wasn’t going to be up there with Jane Austen’s in epigrammatical excellence, then there was no way I was going to write it. Despite the advice I quote to all other writers: “Get it Rit, then get it Right” that didn’t apply to me!

However, here I am swimming in a large sea of other freelancers, keeping my head above the water but paddling like fury to keep it so. I realise that no one is going to revisit my darling child (this website) unless there is something new here every-so-often. So, I am Blogging.

I promise, well, I hope, that my posts will be interesting or entertaining, sometimes educational. I hope you’ll click on like or post a comment, or share them with others. I plan to talk about biting the bullet to throw in a big career to live the country dream, the laughs and spills of starting a copywriting business, tips on writing good English (we’ll slay those apostrophe demons for once and for all), and I’ll share links to other parts of the web that I have enjoyed.

Maybe I will dance after all .

(By the way, Jane Austen doesn’t really have a Blog, but if you have ever read her letters, I am sure you agree it would be an entertaining one!)