This week I was sent a copy of the 2013 Digital Influence Report by Technorati Media. Although it is aimed at brand marketing, it has a lot of information that is useful for little copywriting fish like me – not least that little fish are more important than I realised.

The companies interviewed predict a massive increase in social media spending in 2013. (If they want writers, my SEO copywriting prices are a bargain!)  At the moment, there is a mis-match between what brands think is influential and what real people actually trust. As companies catch on to this, I will look out for more copywriting opportunities in Blogs and Twitter feeds.

Blogs beat Facebook in influencing purchases.

The research found that people rank Blogs as the third most influential source of information when they make a purchasing decision. This is just behind retail and brand sites, and very slightly ahead of Facebook.  The reason for this is that people trust Bloggers. They feel that a good Blogger is more open and sincere with her reviews and opinions than a Facebook page or other social media such as Twitter.  Blogs give the impression of being personal, without a hidden agenda.

Big communities are not as trusted as small ones.

Of course, we know that many influential Bloggers are paid to promote products (half of them, according to this report).  This makes the next piece of information pertinent:  people feel that a small community with good quality, educational content has more influence on their purchase than a large one.  So, mega-Bloggers may not be having the impact that brand managers think.

Facebook dominates social digital spending.

Ninety per cent of the brands interviewed have a Facebook page (closely followed by Twitter (85%) and YouTube (73%)). They concentrate the major part of their digital social budget on Facebook and have Facebook ‘Likes’ as a key goal.  This is even though Facebook is only 4th in influence, and suffers from controversies over how it promotes posts.

What does this mean for copywriting?

What are the lessons for copywriters and little Bloggers like me?  Well, whether writing your own Blog or writing for a client, keep posting good, educational, and readable content that people will want to read, link to, and share.

Think of a Fabergé egg – small and exquisite.  Talking of which, you can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ and even on Facebook.