copywriting clientsWord Hen Ltd. works for a wide rang of clients, particularly in the executive coaching, finance, and legal sectors.  Some are one-off projects, others on a regular basis.  We also work for three marketing agencies, writing for major companies.  Confidentiality means we cannot name names, but you have heard of them. The next time a flyer falls out of your magazine, you get a leaflet in with your gas bill, or log onto your internet banking, remember someone wrote it!

The clients below are the ones we can mention – some prefer to keep us secret!

Apresh Chavda Photography
Bayan Tree Answers
Bridge Fibre
Bridge Partners
Business NLP
Colossal Print and Signage
DG Regulatory Finance
Executive Coaching Global
Growing Your Firm
Home Condition Survey
How To Make Partner
Leadership Executive Coaching
MCL Associates
Mike Cowan Personal Coaching
National Energy Services
Nicola Meier – Expatriate Coach
Nothing But Tea
Parlows Lawyers
Place to be You
Pulseflow Technologies
RealWorld HR
RMC Accounting
The Buckingham Counsellor
The Diabetic Boot Company
Word Right


Before she became a copywriter, Joanna wrote research articles for her job, and historical articles for fun (and money).


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Sept 2003

A Trifling and Confident, Idle and Expensive Fellow – Mr Yates

A Young Lady of Deep Reflection – Mary Bennett

Oct 2003

A Clever Man, A Reading Man – Captain Benwick

Dejected, Yet Sedate – Eleanor Tilney

Nov 2003

Poor Miss Taylor – Mrs Weston

A Good Humoured, Merry, Fat, Elderly Woman – Mrs Jennings

Aug 2004

A Good Eye for an Adulteress – Jane Austen’s letters

Dec 2004

Nothing But A Name, Mysteriously Sparkling – Beau Brummell

Jan 2005

The Loveliest and Best Tempered Woman – Georgiana Devonshire

Mar 2005

The Best of Women – Dora Jordan

May 2005

The Most Fascinating Little Being – Lady Caroline Lamb

Jul 2005

The Queen of the Desert – Lady Hester Stanhope

Oct 2009

A Most Infamous Corruption – The Financial Bubble of 1720

I highly recommend Joanna and her excellent services. Her integrity, honesty and dedication to excellence are invaluable qualities.

Roderick B., Executive Coach and Trainer

She’s great at editing and writing content across all media, including websites, profiles and white papers, and knows how to get real value from social media.

Joanna has recently worked with us on one of our projects and she definitely is someone to hold on to. She comes highly recommended.

Joanna is an important part of our team and will be for a long time. Highly recommended for your business

Heather Townsend, The Excedia Group Ltd.

Working with Joanna was an absolute pleasure and her flexibility and professionalism shone through.

Pete Tobias, Place to be You

Joanna is easy and fun to work with, but is strong enough to tell me some hard truths.

Heather Townsend, The Excedia Group Ltd.

Joanna is great and I can’t recommend her and her work high enough and we will continue to use her services where we can

Steve Mason, RealWorld HR Ltd.

I highly recommend Joanna and her excellent services. Her integrity, honesty and dedication to excellence are invaluable qualities

R. B., International Coach and Trainer

Professional and highly disciplined wordsmiths. I have hired Word Hen to create my business website, which they did in an excellent fashion.

R. B., International Coach and Trainer

Joanna is a very capable and effective copy writer who produced a great result when designing and developing my personal profile.

Mike Cowan, MCL Associates

Superb attention to detail and never misses a deadline. Transforms over-wordy text into snappy and effective writing.

Robin Smith, Head of Programme Management, HCA

Her attention to detail is superb, and the results of predictable high quality.

I urge you to give her wordsmith skills a try out, and it won’t even cost you that much.

We are so glad to have found someone who understands our business and can help us to take it further.

Thank you for the work so far, it’s been very well received by the partners.

Parslows Lawyers, Jersey