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How much does copywriting cost?

It's really hard to Google a price for copywriting services. This is not just because we're a secretive bunch. It's partly because our fees vary according to what you want done.  Your "light edit" might really need a lot of work, and I need to see the text and talk to you before I can [...]

By | October 8th, 2013|be a copywriter|1 Comment

What makes a great ‘About Me’ page?

Open Google, type any search term, and then click on a few of the results. How many of them have an About Me / About Us page?  I just tried it, and the top nineteen results did.  So, why are About pages so important? Why do you need an About page? Every website needs an [...]

By | June 17th, 2013|be a copywriter|1 Comment

Can you really get a copywriter for £5?

This blog is proving very popular.  I have just read 43 spam comments to the preceding post.  I enjoy spam comments.  'Your copywriter taste has been surprised me' was one, and 'I desire to read even more issues approximately it' was another.  The best is worth quoting in full:   'I precisely needed to say thanks once more. I [...]

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