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Joanna is an experienced writer and the driving force behind Word Hen Ltd, a business copywriting company specialising in financial and legal writing.

Because you’re worth it – why copywriters need to charge realistically

I was shopping for a new car recently. I spotted the perfect one - in Word Hen green too!  Unfortunately, the £1.7 million price was a bit beyond me. "That's a lot of money." I said to the dealer.  "It's more than I can justify spending really. I mean, it's just a car - is [...]

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Why Copywriters need Terms and Conditions

That time when Terms and Conditions had my back. Many of us start out working for friends of friends, and then widen our client base through word-of-mouth. At the start, it may feel awkward, or overkill, to produce Terms and Conditions and ask for a signed contract before proof-reading a friend's job application - and [...]

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Why freelance copywriters need a plan Z

Being freelance is magical for me. It's that "free" part.  I was always a square peg in round holes, so being my own boss, working when suits me (often as dawn is breaking), glowing appraisals, and being able to go off-peak to the gym are all huge benefits to working for myself. However, this freedom [...]

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British vs American English – Infographic

Writing for international clients British English and American English - two languages that are alike enough for us to understand each other, but with some interesting, and sometimes awkward differences.  Download this infographic to remind you to double check your spelling and meaning when you are writing for an American market.    

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