Joanna Brown, business and SEO copywriterSEO Copywriter

Loves playing with words. Bit of a perfectionist. Lives on a boat.

I’m a business SEO copywriter and I’ve been running my own company since 2012 with a growing pool of happy clients. I love the way words can be massaged and tweaked to make an impact, and I have been writing professionally for more than 20 years.

I specialise in SEO web copy and I can create your pages from scratch, proofread your own text to get it ready for publication, or anything in between.  If your website isn’t earning its keep, if words don’t flow for you, or if you’re uncomfortable with apostrophes and panicky about there and their, then talk to me about the ways I can help.

I work quickly and accurately, am extremely reliable and remarkably good value. I am also picky and a perfectionist – but that’s good in an SEO copywriter –  although apparently it is annoying in every other way.

When I am not tutting over syntax, I’m usually head-down in the engine bay of my narrowboat, covered in oil and cursing.  Sometimes I do a bit of parenting too – flinging the children a meal or some words of wisdom, that kind of thing.

I’m one of the team behind ProCopywriters, the Professional Copywriters’ Network, and I can be found in varying degrees of chattiness on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.  Get in touch today to find out how we can work together.


I highly recommend Joanna and her excellent services. Her integrity, honesty and dedication to excellence are invaluable qualities.

Roderick B., Executive Coach and Trainer

She’s great at editing and writing content across all media, including websites, profiles and white papers, and knows how to get real value from social media.

Joanna has recently worked with us on one of our projects and she definitely is someone to hold on to. She comes highly recommended.

Joanna is an important part of our team and will be for a long time. Highly recommended for your business

Heather Townsend, The Excedia Group Ltd.

Working with Joanna was an absolute pleasure and her flexibility and professionalism shone through.

Pete Tobias, Place to be You

Joanna is easy and fun to work with, but is strong enough to tell me some hard truths.

Heather Townsend, The Excedia Group Ltd.

Joanna is great and I can’t recommend her and her work high enough and we will continue to use her services where we can

Steve Mason, RealWorld HR Ltd.

Professional and highly disciplined wordsmiths. I have hired Word Hen to create my business website, which they did in an excellent fashion.

R. B., International Coach and Trainer

Joanna is a very capable and effective copy writer who produced a great result when designing and developing my personal profile.

Mike Cowan, MCL Associates

Superb attention to detail and never misses a deadline. Transforms over-wordy text into snappy and effective writing.

Robin Smith, Head of Programme Management, HCA

Her attention to detail is superb, and the results of predictable high quality.

I urge you to give her wordsmith skills a try out, and it won’t even cost you that much.

We are so glad to have found someone who understands our business and can help us to take it further.

Thank you for the work so far, it’s been very well received by the partners.

Parslows Lawyers, Jersey
Business and SEO copywriter - member of professional body